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To many folks looking to update and transform their kitchens, a unique and talented local kitchen supplier is important. Firstly, it supports local business and helps the community to thrive. But the biggest bonus comes from the custom high-end kitchen materials being supplied just a stone’s throw away. We are the cream of the crop of kitchen specialists in NZ, trusted by Kiwis just like you to make your dreams into a reality.

Why Trust Our Talent?

We work with qualified and talented kitchen designers, and when working with one of our designers, you’ll find they offer a truly rich and in-depth kitchen designing experience. We work with you too – your ideals and wishes are an integral part of bringing a happy ending to your story! Whatever bits and bobs you feel are essential to your dream kitchen, we will help to incorporate this into the vision.
Having the perfect kitchen to match your home adds value both to the property and to the lives of you and your family. Say hello to new chances to get creative in the kitchen and spend more time in the hearth of the home with your loved ones!
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Here For You

Investing in a whole new look and function for your kitchen on any level can be daunting. This can be particularly felt if it’s your first time doing any serious remodelling. There seems to be an endless collection of possibilities for your new kitchen, and the questions of functionality as well as design, comfort and how it holds its design long-term also play on the mind.
With this in mind, it’s important to consider a quality kitchen supplier to help you from the beginning to the end of your kitchen rebuild journey. Get in touch with the specialists today.

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With our kitchen design service, your kitchen will be custom designed and manufactured locally by an experienced team of designers and kitchen builders.