As kitchen manufacturers, we have a solid path of experience in kitchen manufacturing and design. We believe we are not only a kiwi manufacturer but we are a top kitchen manufacturer within the New Zealand market space. Through customer testimonials, and our refined kitchen manufacturing process, we continue to be leaders in kitchen design in New Zealand.
From kitchen doors, to kitchen island and kitchen furniture manufacture, we strive to provide our customers with the highest quality, yet most cost effective products and services. Our focus is on providing our customers with the best in terms of quality products, service, quality control and customer service, and we are proud to deliver them.

Why Is The Opinion Of A Kitchen Manufacturer So Important?

As a kitchen manufacturer, we have been active in the carpentry industry for many years and have many years of experience both in the construction and maintenance of high-quality kitchen and kitchen furniture. We work closely with our customers to ensure that our work not only meets their high expectations, but also adds character and value to their homes.
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We have an unsurpassed track record of manufacturing quality. Our team of designers, kitchen suppliers and supporting manufacturers are the best in the business. We have spent decades fostering our relationships, ensuring our clients, you reap the benefits of our experience and knowledge.
We know that a kitchen should withstand the test of time. Whether large, tiny or small – a kitchen style is important, but it also has to become a practical workspace in the home. So whether you are wanting to extend your kitchen, redesign your kitchen or add some additional cabinets or benchtop space, we are able to provide you with inspiration to create that ideal kitchen plan for your new kitchen build or renovation project. As local manufacturers and suppliers of kitchens we know what works in certain spaces.
Our manufactured vanity and other cabinets are stylish and innovative with amazing use of space and color. Ian has done amazing work both in New Zealand and abroad and we only work with the best craftsmen to ensure that our work reaches a very high standard.
Colours also play a big role in the kitchen finish. Your result is guaranteed to be a perfect area of the home in style and function. Our comprehensive, concept-to-completion process ensures every kitchen build client is involved and informed at every stage of the design and manufacturing process.

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Once our kitchen company and manufacturer has received an approved final kitchen design, the assembly process begins. A high level of quality control is achieved so that all cabinets and components of the entire kitchen are built to order at the same time and on the spot.
If you are looking for kitchen furniture manufacturers, kitchen island manufacturers, kitchen cupboard manufacturers or a local manufacturer of kitchens, we would welcome your call!

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With our kitchen design service, your kitchen will be custom designed and manufactured locally by an experienced team of designers and kitchen builders.